Saudi board and diploma programs

Application requirements for Saudi board and diploma programs


  1. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a health specialization from a Saudi university or an equivalent from recognized universities.    

  2. Certificate of completion of internship year training.

  3. Academic record.

  4. Medically fit.

  5. Passing the Saudi Professional License Exam, which is conducted by SCFHS, Exam results are valid for 5 years only during the application period.

    In case of a Bachelor’s degree that does not have GPA, a specialized SCFHS committee shall assesse the average. Alternatively, the applicant must provide an official statement from the university or the Equivalency Committee in Higher Education before the end of the application period, bearing in mind that the mechanism for calculating the GPA may undergo changes on annual basis.

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Application requirements for the subspecialties of postgraduate programs and the specializations of fellowship agreements


  1. Filling out the electronic form

  2. A brief CV

  3. A copy of the Saudi specialty certificate in the general specialty or its equivalent (professional classification certificate at the rank of first deputy), or passing the written test of the Saudi specialty certificate, provided that the specialty certificate in general specialization is obtained before sitting for the final examination of the subspecialty.

  4. Medically fit according to the needs of the profession for which they are applying

  5. The applicant shall undertake to pay the full training, examination and certificate fees.


Saudi Board Certificate for Clinical Pharmacy

Application requirements:

the applicant must be a second-year trainee of the Clinical Pharmacy Diploma.

(the knowledge that passing the final written exam is essential for admission to the Saudi Specialty Certificate Programs in Pharmacy)or holding:

  • Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • Or a Certificate of Residency in Pharmacy recognized by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Saudi Board Examinations in Dentistry for Master’s and Doctorate Holders from Saudi Universities

Applying to have the opportunity to take the final test (written and clinical) for the Saudi Board Certificate in Dentistry for Master’s and Doctorate Holders from Saudi Universities.

To know more and to view the notice of registration for the Saudi Board Certificate Exams in Dentistry Programs for National Masters and Doctorate Holders: