Accreditation Surveyor

The Executive Management for Accreditation is inviting you to join the accreditation surveyor team, which is responsible for accrediting training centers and programs

Accreditation surveying requirements: 

1.The applicant should be classified as consultant (or equivalent) by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

2.The applicant should be a participant in the training process and have a minimum of 3-year experience as a consultant (of equivalent) 

3.The applicant should be willing to make a minimum of 5 surveying visitations a year. 

4. The applicant should complete the training workshop as well as the electronic training program for surveyors​. 

5.The applicant should comply with the regulations and policies and procedures of institutional and program accreditation and accreditation surveyors. 

6.The applicant should sign a consultancy contract to participate in surveying training centers and programs.

7.The applicant should sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality agreements. 

8.The applicant should fill the following form click here 

For further information, please contact us via email