Learning Health System Conference Discusses Improving Learning Health Care System with Local and International Participation in Riyadh

on Wednesday 28 September 2022, The Saudi Commission for Health specialties in cooperation with the Health Sector Transformation Program organized (The Learning Health Systems Conference) which runs until tomorrow evening 29 September 2022, in Riyadh at Crown Plaza RDC to discuss the improvement of the learning health care system.

The Secretary-General of the Saudi Commission for Health specialties, Prof. Aws Al-Shamsan said that the learning health system is an essential and modern principle for integrating the components of the health system (his speech at the beginning of the conference).

He also stressed that considering our country's health transformation for that system has become necessary.

Dr. Khaled Al Shibani, Chief Executive Officer of the Health Sector Transformation Program, said that the Health Sector Transformation Program is the latest Vision 2030 program aimed at restructuring the health sector into a comprehensive and effective health system to achieve Vision 2030 and accommodate its aspirations by promoting public health, preventing diseases and applying the modern healthcare model.

Through our transformation into a learning health system, we will provide the mechanism that enables us to transform continuing learning into practices that increase the level and quality of service, obtain customers satisfaction, enhance healthcare and develop the performance of health workers.

This conference aims at introducing the principles of the learning health system and the ways to apply that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve global leadership and become a world leader as the first health system in the world by transforming it into a comprehensive educational health system and applying better healthcare to the community at the lowest cost.

The Learning Health System Conference is one of the health transformation programs that achieves the goals of Vision 2030 to create distinctive, resilient and sustainable learning environments and communities. It participates in a selection of global speakers who play an important role in the development of health learning systems at the local and global levels.